Proposals for a wind farm in East Sutherland on a site located 3km east of Rogart, 5km north-west of Golspie and 1km south of the operational Kilbraur wind farm are being put out to public consultation.

Proposals for South Kilbraur wind farm are being brought forward by renewable energy developer Wind2, which has staff based in Inverness, Edinburgh and North Wales and significant experience of developing onshore wind farms throughout the UK.

With an installed capacity of up to 28 MW, the proposed South Kilbraur wind farm has the potential to generate sufficient electricity to meet the needs of around 22,000 homes and to offset 39,000 tonnes of CO2per year.  Draft proposals for the site comprise up to seven wind turbines, each with a blade tip height of up to 149.9 metres.

If the project goes ahead, Wind2 is committed to providing a community benefit fund equivalent to £5,000 per megawatt of installed capacity for each year of the wind farm’s operational lifetime, equivalent to up to £3.5 million over 25 years.

In addition to this commitment, Wind2 will also explore potential opportunities for the local community to acquire a direct stake of up to 5% in the project.

Consultation about the proposals will include two public exhibitions to take place at Rogart Hall and at Golspie Community Centre. Timing of these events will be as follows:

  • Wednesday, 27th March from 2pm to 8pm at Rogart Hall;
  • Thursday, 28th March from 11am to 8pm at Golspie Community Centre.

Commenting on the launch of a public consultation on draft proposals for South Kilbraur wind farm, Wind2 Development Director Fraser Mackenzie said:

“Over the coming months, Wind2 will be focused on giving the local community in East Sutherland the opportunity to find out more about this project, to give us their feedback and to help shape our proposals for the South Kilbraur site before we submit a final planning application to Highland Council.

“Through its own community benefit fund, we know that neighbouring Kilbraur wind farm has already helped to deliver a range of benefits to people living in this particular area of East Sutherland. If it were to go ahead, South Kilbraur wind farm could deliver a community benefit fund with an annual value of up to £140,000 to be invested in local community priorities and projects. In addition to this, following the positive example of Kilbraur Wind Energy Co-op which already has more than 500 members, we are actively exploring models for partial community ownership of South Kilbraur wind farm which would provide a further significant dividend for local residents.”

“I would encourage anyone interested in our proposals for South Kilbraur wind farm to come along to Rogart Hall or to Golspie Community Centre at the end of March to find out more and to give us their feedback.”

Further information about the proposals, including the facility to provide feedback online is available on a dedicated project website at